Conditions of Sale

1. Regardless of the date of order, all products supplied are chargeable at the prices ruling on the day of delivery.
2. The Customer/Buyer will be responsible for providing safe and suitable storage and for ensuring that it will take the full quantity ordered and will indemnify the Seller against any damages, claims, expenses or costs which may arise as a result of the buyer not adhering to these conditions.
3. It is a condition of every bulk sale through loss that the quantity shown by the tankers measuring devices, for the purpose of Accurate Accounts, be accepted by the Buyer as the quantity delivered. As the Seller cannot accept any responsibility for a discrepancy in the Buyer's tanks, dip rods or other measurements to verify them. If on any delivery the buyer or any representative of the Buyer for whatever reason should mount any tanker used on that delivery, the Buyer or his Representative (as the case may be) shall do so at his own risk and the seller accepts no responsibility whatsoever.
4. Prices are inclusive of any Government Tax (other than Value Added Tax) in force at the time of supply. Any variation in the rate of existing tax or any additional taxation is per the Buyer's account. Value Added Tax where applicable will be charged separately.
5.Acceptance of delivery will be treated as an acceptance of the foregoing conditions.
6. All goods sold on reservation of title. The Seller reserves the right to uplift any goods supplied by the Seller until they are paid for in full settlement.
7. Price on the invoice assumes that conditions relating to that price are met otherwise the approoiate premium will be added.